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Dubai, an intriguing city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has become one of the most popular destinations in 2022 among international travelers. Its impressive skyscrapers, beautiful beaches, and incredible attractions have been getting much attention lately—especially among TikTokers— and now more digital nomads are interested in staying for a few months at this exciting destination.
In 2021 the government introduced a Remote Working Program for Dubai, allowing remote workers to live for up to a year in this fascinating city. And now, Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) has partnered with Airbnb and launched a new working hub as part of the Live and Work Anywhere program.
The government is interested in attracting digital nomads, and now travelers from all over the world have their eyes on this city, which is considered one of the top 20 destinations supporting remote work around the world. Here’s why Dubai will be an international hotspot in 2023:
Digital nomads’ main challenge when deciding on a new destination to live for a couple of months is having a legal status. Dubai is offering remote workers and business owners the possibility to apply for a remote work visa program. 
These are the main considerations for applicants: 
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More details can be found on the official website. Once approved, travelers can live for 1 year in Dubai —they are allowed to travel but can’t be absent for over 6 months— and have residents’ benefits, like the Emirates ID that digital nomads can use to rent a place or open a bank account.
Another attractive perk for remote workers is that they don’t have to pay any local income tax while living on this visa.
Airbnb has been focusing on the digital nomads market, and the company is now one of the main references for governments who want to develop special programs for this kind of traveler while considering the benefits they can bring to the local economy. 
Listings on Airbnb go from $34 per night in a private room to $972 per night at a luxurious villa. And now, with the new alliance, Airbnb will promote the city, provide guidance for those interested in working remotely, and develop a special connected ecosystem for digital nomads. 
On their platform, Airbnb has a special section for this destination, Live and Work in Dubai, with valuable information for remote workers interested in living in this city.
Tourism in Dubai has significantly increased this year —over 185% during the first six months of the year compared to 2021— and the government is focused on its vision: “To make Dubai the city of the future and the world’s best place to live, work, and invest.”
Besides the amazing buildings like the 160-story skyscraper Burj Khalifa, the jaw-dropping moon-shaped luxury resort opening soon, the impressive artificial archipelago Palm Jumeirah, water parks, beaches, and interesting local culture, there are other appealing advantages for remote workers:
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