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Salt Lake City—Host Hospitality, the distinguished digital marketing agency founded by hospitality veterans in New York City and solely dedicated to restaurants, is thrilled to announce its strategic expansion into Salt Lake City, Utah. This milestone move aims to empower restaurants in the growing local food scene to attract new guests, bolster repeat business, and shatter revenue records month after month. 
Helmed by Co-founders and siblings, Breno and Camila Santos, Host Hospitality is renowned for its innovative strategies, expert execution, and industry-friendly pricing model. By leveraging their deep understanding of the industry and marketing, Host Hospitality offers a complete suite of digital marketing services — including social media management, influencer partnerships, content creation, advertising, and email marketing—that have proven to be key growth ingredients for diverse restaurant brands.
“Bursting with gastronomic diversity and potential, Salt Lake City is the perfect location for our expansion,” said Breno Santos, who will oversee the agency’s operations from their new local office in the vibrant Sugarhouse neighborhood. “Our mission is to amplify the unique stories of these establishments, significantly grow their exposure, and help them reach their next level of success.”
Host Hospitality simplifies the marketing process for clients by providing everything in one place, thus eliminating the need to juggle multiple firms or freelancers. Their commitment to hospitality-friendly pricing acknowledges the industry’s tight margins and assures clients a significant return on investment.
Whether you’re a new establishment, a scaling venture, or an in-house marketing team needing support and creative strategies, Host Hospitality’s expansion into Salt Lake City promises to fuel your success. 
As Host Hospitality steps into Salt Lake City, it marks an exciting turning point for the company and a significant opportunity for the local restaurant industry. 
Restaurants ready to enhance their marketing, accelerate growth, and create a standout brand are invited to sign up for a free consultation today at or contact Breno Santos, Co-Founder and Head of Hospitality, at [email protected].
About Host Hospitality
Host Hospitality, founded and headquartered in New York City, is a specialized digital marketing agency dedicated to helping restaurants evolve into compelling brands by attracting new patrons, retaining loyal customers, and boosting their revenue. Founded by hospitality veterans, the agency leverages its industry experience, innovative strategies, and effective marketing channels like social media, influencer partnerships, content creation, ads, and email marketing to supercharge growth. With comprehensive services all in one place and hospitality-friendly prices, they simplify the marketing process for restaurants.


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