Child Care Assistance –

You may get help from the Child Care Assistance program if you:
If you’re not a Family Investment Program participant, you may qualify for the CCA program if you:
NOTE:  Child care provided while you participate in postsecondary education or training has a 24-month lifetime limit.
HHS CCA Eligibility
2309 Euclid Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50310-5703
You may choose a child care provider from a variety of arrangements.  You can choose:
Your provider must be approved by DHS in order to receive payment from the CCA program.  Many providers are already approved by DHS to provide care for the CCA program.  If you do not know whether your provider is approved, ask your DHS CCA worker for assistance. 
Contact the Centralized Child Care Assistance Eligibility Unit (CCA) at 866-448-4605 or email for questions about child care. The CCCAU determines initial and ongoing eligibility for Child Care Assistance. Their work includes processing new applications, reviews, and changes reported by families receiving Child Care assistance. The Unit also processes child care payments for providers and handles all provider applications, renewals, and changes reported by providers.
You have the right to request an appeal if you disagree with a decision the Department of Health and Human Services makes.  For information on how to file, visit the Appeals Section pages.
You have the right to ask for an exception to policy for an item or service not otherwise covered by the Department of Health and Human Services.  For information on how to file, visit the Exception to Policy page


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