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IC Markets Review
IC Markets offers a Raw Trader Plus program that allows active traders to benefit from their trading by earning commissions and accessing exclusive benefits. Here are the commissions on some of the popular instruments, with the full list available on IC Markets’ website.
IC Markets Rebates
After gaining experience in the trading industry, we have encountered IC Markets’ Raw Trader Plus Rebate Program. It’s quite simple – the higher your trade volume, the larger the rebate on those commissions.
Consider a scenario where you are engaged in trading over 100 lots. In such a case, you would expect to receive a return of $1.50 per lot. Increase it to over 1,000, you receive $2.25, and exceed 2,000? You can receive a payment of $2.50 for each lot.
One notable aspect is their approach to managing rebates. There are no unnecessary obstacles or complicated claim processes involved.
The daily automatic credit to your account is a pleasant feature. If you prefer popular stocks like USTEC or lean towards commodities such as wheat, Brent, or metals, the rebate program applies to your choices in these options.
Remember, it’s important to exercise caution and not approach it as a free-for-all. To remain eligible for the club and continue receiving rebates, sustaining a specific trade volume for three months is necessary.
In our experience, the platform is designed to incentivize active traders. The terms are straightforward to understand. If you have any questions, a dedicated support team is available to assist you.
Overall, for traders who frequently handle substantial volumes, this program appears to be a reliable method for optimizing trading expenses.
Introduction to IC Markets Rebates
For savvy traders, having a deep understanding of IC Markets rebates can have a significant impact. The Raw Trader Plus program is quite intriguing, as it operates on a sliding scale, offering high-volume trading incentives.
We have observed the positive impact of encouraging consistent participation, and the automated daily refund system is impressively efficient – ensuring prompt rebates without any complications or unnecessary wait times.
From our perspective, what truly distinguishes this program is its extensive range of markets.
If you are interested in indices such as USTEC, commodities like Wheat and Brent, or trading metals, there is a great opportunity to earn rebates in these areas. This program is highly versatile, providing significant value for traders who engage in multiple areas of activity.
However, remember that you must maintain specific trading volumes over three months. For certain individuals, this could have both positive and negative consequences.
From one perspective, consistent trading can be seen as a way to stay actively involved with the platform, which can have its benefits. However, it might not suit individuals who prefer a more relaxed approach.
Understanding IC Markets Rebates
Let’s say a trader decides to participate in the Raw Trader Plus Program and trades 150 lots of USD within a month. Based on the program’s tier structure, if you trade over 100 lots, you will be eligible for Tier 1 rebates, earning you $1.50 per lot.
For the first 100 lots, the rebates are calculated as follows:
If you then trade another 50 lots within Tier 1, the calculation is:
Therefore, your total monthly cashback would be $150 + $75 = $225.
The rebate is credited to your account daily, ensuring you consistently benefit from your trading activity.
You can move up to higher tiers and earn even more cashback by consistently maintaining or increasing your trading volume. In our experience, this highlights the significant financial benefits of participating in the Raw Trader Plus Rebate Program.
Calculating IC Markets Rebates
The rebate program offered by IC Markets is legit and not a scam. The program has thorough documentation that includes easily understandable terms and conditions.
Additionally, it is regulated by several global entities to ensure compliance. Traders are eligible for tiered rebates that are credited to their accounts daily.
Our research shows that this system guarantees transparency and reliability in the process. Traders have found great success with these rebates because IC Markets provides transparent Raw Trader Plus Terms and Conditions, which can be viewed on the website.
Are IC Markets Rebates Real or a Scam
You can benefit from the IC Markets Raw Trader Plus program in various ways, including the following:
In addition, transparent terms and conditions provide clarity and trustworthiness.
How do I Benefit from IC Markets Rebates
You can join the program and start earning rebates by following this:
Moreover, to keep membership, maintain the requisite trading volume for three months.
No, enrolling in the Raw Trader Plus program does not affect the execution of your transactions.
Yes. IC Markets offers a dedicated client page where you can follow your trading volume and move to higher rebate tiers in real time.
No, there is no limit on the rebates you can get. The more you trade and fulfill the volume requirements, the more rebates you might receive.


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