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FxPro Review
FxPro offers Introducing Brokers (IBs) a lucrative rebates program where they can earn commissions from 40% – 55% of the spread on accounts their clients use to trade various markets.
FxPro Rebates
The FxPro Rebate System is a well-organized system that allows partners to receive commissions based on trading volume. We’ve reviewed this program in-depth concerning Introducing Brokers (IBs).
In our opinion, the tiered commission structure is noteworthy, with Standard, Raw+, and Elite accounts starting at a respectable 40% of the spread.
What’s the actual kicker? The reimbursements may reach up to 55% for partners who manage significant volume—we’re talking over $1 billion here. Because of this, the software is especially appealing to those engaging in large trading volumes.
The program’s extensive coverage of assets is one element that we thought was outstanding. Not only does it give the biggest rebates at 55% on Forex and Indices, but it goes beyond that.
Rebates are also available for shares, energies, precious metals, and even cryptocurrencies, albeit at a reduced rate of up to 30% of the spread. Because of its broad coverage, the program is adaptable and desirable to partners with various portfolios.
We believe that partners will value the rebate calculation’s transparency. The obvious determinants are the spread, trade size, lot size of the instrument, and conversion rate to USD.
This facilitates keeping track of your profits, and the monthly installments guarantee that you receive your money on schedule.
Overall, we’ve seen that this scheme demonstrates FxPro’s dedication to helping its partners. It encourages high trade volume and gives partners a strong foundation to expand their businesses.
We view this as a strategic relationship that recognizes and compensates those who contribute substantial value to the table, not merely a rebate scheme.
Introduction to FxPro Rebates
From our experience with FxPro rebates, partners are the focus of this system’s development. They have a well-organized scheme that pays partners for increasing trade volume.
According to our findings, partner commissions start from a reasonable 40% on spreads for most account types and can increase to 55% for partners overseeing trading volume exceeding $1 billion. We see this as a clever method of rewarding productive partners and fostering growth.
The range of assets in the cashback program is one feature that truly sticks out. Everything is available there, including shares, energies, precious metals, forex, and indices. Shares and cryptocurrencies entitle holders to rebates of up to 30% on the spread.
We also discovered that the rebate calculation is fairly simple. The spread, trade size, symbol lot size, and USD conversion rate determine it. That there is no guessing involved is something that most FxPro partners will value.
Another significant benefit is that payments are made monthly, demonstrating FxPro’s dependability and dedication to satisfying its partners.
Understanding FxPro Rebates
Let’s look at how FxPro’s rebates function in a practical situation. Imagine a partner responsible for overseeing a high-volume account.
They bring in a client who trades 1,000 standard lots of EUR/USD within a month. In this example, the EUR/USD spread is 1 pip (0.0001 USD), with a lot size of 100,000 units. Let’s dive into the calculation below:
If the partner falls under the highest tier (55% commission for trading volumes over 1 billion USD):
The structure strongly incentivizes partners to bring in traders who trade in high volumes. Additionally, it offers a lucrative earning potential through a tiered commission system.
Introduction to FXPRIMUS Rebates
FxPro’s cashback program is legitimate and trustworthy, offering up to 55% based on trading volumes. Furthermore, the program provides accurate calculations and monthly payment breakdowns for various asset classes.
Moreover, partners on FxPro’s official website have reinforced the program’s credibility with their positive feedback. The program’s appeal and value for trading partners are well-received.
Are FxPro Rebates Real or a Scam
Advantages of FxPro Rebates
FxPro pays rebates as follows:
Moreover, Rebates are paid with no additional fees or deductions.
No, rebates are paid separately and have no impact on the costs of your trades.
FxPro rebates are often handled by third-party providers like partners. However, it’s worth speaking to them if you have a large trading volume.
Yes, rebates are normally available on most Forex and CFDs.


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