Newspaper headlines: 'Britain sees red' and 'Tory Party in election wipeout' – BBC

Friday's front pages are dominated by the exit poll from Thursday’s election, which predicted Labour 410 seats, the Conservatives 131, the Lib Dems 61, Reform 13, the SNP 10, and other parties 25.
It's worth noting that these front pages were put together before Labour's landslide victory was officially announced.
The Daily Mirror, external carries the headline "Landslide!" and says it is a "thumping victory" for Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.
The Metro, external carries a picture of the man set to be the next prime minister alongside the headline: "Keir Stormer!"
The exit poll data, which suggested Labour was on course for a majority of 170 seats, means the UK has seen "red", according to The Sun., external The paper says Rishi Sunak's decision to call an early election has "backfired".
The Daily Express, external says more than a dozen senior Tories, including cabinet ministers, could lose their seats, in what it calls a "brutal reckoning by voters after 14 years in government".
The Liberal Democrats are on course to become the third largest party once again, while voters appear to have punished the SNP for the recent turmoil within the party, according to the i., external
The Guardian, external says the exit poll predictions "appeared to confirm that Labour's 'time for change' message struck a chord with voters after years of chaos and division". It adds the exit poll forecast appears to suggest Reform UK has "squeezed the Conservative vote".
The exit poll predicted a Labour majority that could set the party up for a decade in power, the Daily Mail, external says. It forecasted a "crushing defeat" for the Tories.
The Daily Star's, external front page carries what it says is a list of the "good bits in full" after the Conservatives' 14 years in government. The image shows a blank piece of paper.
If the exit poll proved accurate, it would be the worst result for the Conservative Party in modern times, the Daily Telegraph reported, external. The paper says Mr Sunak would be expected to resign as party leader on Friday, but some cabinet members have urged him to remain in post until a successor is picked. "Who that could be will depend on which Tory 'big beasts' survived election night," it adds.
The Times, external says that, while the scale of the Labour victory predicted by the exit poll is less than some of the previous polls had suggested, it would give Sir Keir a huge mandate to change the UK and "potentially go farther than Labour's cautious manifesto for government".
And the Financial Times, external reports the UK election results in a “2am edition” saying Labour “sweeps to power in a landslide” on a “night of drama”.
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