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US singer SZA has been headlining Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage on the final night of this year's festival
Shania Twain played the coveted Legends slot earlier
Burna Boy, Janelle Monae, Paloma Faith and Seasick Steve also played the Pyramid Stage today
In the UK, you can browse between seven streams covering different stages by pressing on the Watch & Listen tab
Across the other stages, the National, London Grammar and James Blake are among the acts performing on Sunday
Dua Lipa and Coldplay headlined the festival's previous two nights
You can head here for the festival's full line-up and stage times
Edited by Jack Burgess
Jack Burgess
Live reporter

Coldplay headlined Glastonbury Festival's Pyramid Stage for a record fifth time yesterday
We're drawing our live coverage of Glastonbury Festival 2024 to a close now, after another truly memorable Sunday at Worthy Farm.
Dua Lipa, Coldplay and SZA wowed crowds over the weekend with their headline sets on the Pyramid Stage and, earlier this afternoon, country superstar Shania Twain serenaded the festival when she took to the stage for the much coveted "Legends slot".
So many music acts have lit up Glastonbury over the last three days. From Jungle to The Streets, Olivia Dean to Michael Kiwanuka, PJ Harvey to Jamie XX… I could go on listing those that have impressed for a long, long time.
Glastonbury 2024 might be coming to an end… but the festival will be back.
In the meantime, in the words of Saturday night's headliner, Coldplay…
Viva la Vida!
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This page was edited by myself and Johanna Chisholm from BBC New Broadcasting House. It was written by Hollie Cole and also our reporters at Glastonbury Festival.
Annabel Rackham
reporting from Glastonbury

Avril Lavigne's pop-punk set drew one of the biggest crowds The Other Stage has ever seen
Avril Lavigne is the original pop-punk princess and she certainly showed it when she played to a huge Glastonbury crowd on Saturday evening.
Her angsty teenage heartbreak anthems still resonate more than two decades after they were released.
She played some of her biggest tracks including Complicated, Sk8er Boi and My Happy Ending.
She tells the BBC:
I can't believe its taken me 22 years to finally play Glastonbury, but it was amazing."

"The audience were incredible, everyone was up on shoulders, holding signs and there were colourful smoke bombs going off, it was just so cool," Avril adds.
The Canadian artist drew one of the biggest crowds The Other Stage has ever seen – it was clear from the very start of her set that she had an incredibly loyal fanbase.
Read more on this story by following this link.
Colin Paterson
reporting from Glastonbury

At the Acoustic Stage The Gypsy Kings have finished with the lethal dance floor duo Bamboléro and Volare.
Massive singalong.
And despite not speaking any Spanish I could understand the lyrics better than I could at SZA.
This is the beauty of Glastonbury. If you are not enjoying something then another gem will be only a field away.
This was joyous.
Hollie Cole
Live digital reporter

There's been another outfit change.
This time SZA's appeared wearing a forest-green, square-neckline dress with ruffled fabric hanging down from the waist.
On her back is a pair of flashing fairy wings to match the innocent, soft sound of her vocals.
This outfit change reflects a clear change in tone in her performance, as she serenades the crowd with slower songs.
Mark Savage
reporting from Glastonbury

SZA might not have the biggest crowd, but she is trying her best out here.
Her vocal command is astonishing, projecting for miles without sacrificing the intimacy of her nuanced lyrics.
She’s just played Nobody Gets Me – a song about being forsaken by your most trusted friend, written after breaking up with her fiancé – and it was honestly the most moving performances I’ve heard from a headliner this weekend.
The “day ones” who’ve stuck with her are going to love this.
It’s a shame the performance will go down in history for the wrong reasons.
Keith Adams
reporting from Glastonbury

I headed over to the acoustic tent and it's spilling out about 100 deep for, wait for it… the Gypsy Kings!
I seriously hope that they have still to play Bamboléro.
This place will go off.
Andy Bennett
reporting from Glastonbury

Not sure what's happened – SZA has just asked for security and for a light to be shone on a part of the crowd.
Then she said “they’re coming, don’t worry”.
Hollie Cole
Live digital reporter

The chart-topping song Kill Bill is now taking over the speakers with SZA's smooth vocals.
It's a tune with mysterious, murderous themes about the relationship between someone and their ex turning deadly.
SZA ends the song to applause from the song.
"I'd rather be in hell than alone," she sings as the iconic final line.
Keith Adams
reporting from Glastonbury

Matt Berninger of The National is giving the audience a musical… and now physical hug at the Other Stage.
The National just stepped up a gear with Abel.
"I’m missing something," screams Berninger over a pounding beat and cacophonous horns.
Mark Savage
reporting from Glastonbury

We’re into the second section of the set now, dubbed “Robot World”.
It opens with Forgiveless, which uses a posthumous recording of Wu Tang Clan rapper ODB, which is cut short as she goes into the Phoebe Bridgers’ duet Ghost In The Machine – about her dissatisfaction with the music industry “machine”.
There’s been an outfit change now. SZA is in thigh high boots, cross-crossed with red laces; and a cyborg-design on her top half.
The vocal problems appear to have cleared up, too. But the audience where I’m standing are starting to drift away.
Although off to a bit of a belated start, SZA came out in flames with a fiery set number
Getting deep into the feels with some moody (and dare I say, under the sea?) vibes
…and then an ant. SZA rode an ant
Mark Savage
reporting from Glastonbury

Standing in the crowd, it’s clear there’s something wrong with SZA’s microphone.
Her vocals are muffled and distorted – which is an issue for an artist who’s appeal is all about the precision of her lyrics and her jazzy vocal runs.
It’s not clear why they’re persisting. It shouldn’t be hard to switch over to another mic.
Strangely, SZA’s vocals appeared to clear up as soon as she stepped onto the catwalk at the front of the stage for F2F (great song, by the way).
Was it just interference on her radio pack, stopping a clear signal getting to the mixing desk?
Someone get her a couple of AA batteries.
Hollie Cole
Live digital reporter

SZA has changed her outfit for her next song.
Before, she was wearing a gold strappy mini dress with cut outs, paired with cowboy style boots.
She's now appeared from the darkness on stage in a futuristic, robot-looking body suit with metallic greys and red stripes over the grey.
The stage's screen has changes to reflect this robotic style.
Let's see where this performance takes us.
Noor Nanji
reporting from Glastonbury

I met Hannah, Kemoy, Adrienne, Sophie and Joe among the crowd watching SZA.
Sophie says she knows SZA’s songs from TikTok but didn’t know her name until she was booked to headline Glastonbury.
Kemoy says he’s a big fan, but thinks her songs are a bit mellow.
“I think there should be something with more energy for the final night,” he says.
But Hannah says they still wanted to be here tonight and adds:
It’s the final night of Glastonbury. You’ve got to come see the headliner.”

Hollie Cole
Live digital reporter

It appears SZA's lateness to the Glastonbury stage was because of sound issues, according to PA news agency.
Members of the crowd were chanting her name while waiting 15 minutes for the US singer to come to the stage.
But she's not the only singer at this year's Glastonbury to have reportedly had sound problems.
Yesterday, Cyndi Lauper's set was beset with sound issues that left fans finding it difficult to hear her vocals.
Let's hope that SZA's set goes smoothly from here on out.
Mark Savage
reporting from Glastonbury

As fireflies fill the video screens, SZA cues up her Kendrick Lamar collaboration, All The Stars.
Taken from the soundtrack to the first Black Panther movie.
Mark Savage
reporting from Glastonbury

The first section of SZA’s show is labelled “Cave world”.
She emerges against visuals of stalactites and bugs and dripping water, taking her place at the top of a staircase on a platform that rises above stage audience, as she sings PSA.
Her voice sounds just like her records, with just a touch of distortion, as she segues into the sensuous groove of Love Galore.
She looks incredible, dancing in a sort of Raquel Welch cavewoman outfit, as we head into the introspective Broken Clocks – a song about an old romance that still haunts her.
This is the first one that the audience knows around me.
Some of the younger fans are rapt, silently mouthing the words as they stare at the stage.
Noor Nanji
reporting from Glastonbury

Gold backdrop, gold dress.
SZA comes on stage in a gold strappy mini dress that is pleated and allows plenty of room for her energetic dance moves.
She paired that with long cowboy style boots (clearly a theme at Worthy Farm today).
Andre Rhoden-Paul
reporting from Glastonbury

Sza wins the prize for best entry.
She appears on an elevating column in a set that looks like a cave covered in stalactites.
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