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Science is the methodical process in which humans observe and experiment in different fields of study to gain evidence for a clearer understanding of the world. Humans then use science to apply to technology practices. Technology is used through process and design to improve the quality of our lives in many forms.
The Meaning of Science
Science helps us to gain understanding and knowledge, using the procedure of experimentation, observation, and gathering of evidence. Assessing a particular issue in a field of study helps us to make more sense of the world in which we live. This systematic way of the pursuit of knowledge can be used in many fields of study. The basic areas underlying science include chemistry, physics, biology, and earth science.  
Why Science Matters
Science helps to qualify and quantify tangible aspects in the world, from the tools people use to the food humans eat. Science matters because it teaches people to use their curiosity and found evidence to achieve scientific breakthroughs. As long as humans are willing to question the reasons things work, science will always be a path to take. 
Understanding Science
Science is generally not swayed by opinion or conjecture, but rather by new research  based on facts that can evolve or disprove results from earlier scientific studies. Scientific discoveries occur frequently in fields of engineering, technology, space exploration, transportation, finance, and more. An occasional glance at industry journals like Science Daily shows us examples of our scientific pursuits. 
The Meaning of Technology
Technology describes the processes, ideas, and methods, along with scientific applications, that humans use to create products and services to lead society forward. Technology is used in all aspects of our culture, from engineering, learning, and  manufacturing to communications, transportation, and medicine. 
Why Technology Matters
Technology achievements in the 20th and 21st centuries have been life-altering. From the development of how we receive information ― like print, radio, TV, and the Internet ― to how we process and use that information ― like computers, databases, applications, and artificial intelligence ― is nothing short of amazing. Technology matters because it’s constantly pushing us forward into the great unknown and finding ways to make our lives better. 
Understanding Technology
The United States is a global leader in technology. A 2018 report showed that the U.S. leads the world in high-tech manufacturing industries, research, and development funding and attracts the highest amount of venture capital investment. Clearly, technology plays an important part of the U.S. economic engine. As the industries grow, so too does the use of technology in our lives. Other countries where technology is thriving, based on the number of recent bachelor and doctoral science and engineering degrees include China, Germany, India, Russia, and the United Kingdom.
The Future of Science and Technology
Science and technology will continue to be linked and leveraged together. Advances in new scientific thinking along the lines of artificial intelligence, interplanetary habitation, and financial investment are already leading to breakthroughs in technology in these areas. Humanity will continue to rely on the growth provided by science and technology. 


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