Newspaper headlines: 'Jay slipped on rocks' and 'PM expresses hurt' – BBC

US President Joe Biden's performance in Thursday night's debate leads many of the papers
A number of Saturday's front pages reflect on the US presidential TV debate including the Daily Telegraph, external which says Joe Biden is facing calls from Democrat strategists, donors and politicians to suspend his campaign and make way for a younger candidate, at the party's convention in August.
The Guardian calls, external President Biden's debate performance "a 90 minute horror show" and on its front page describes his showing as "shaky".
"Sleepy" Biden was savaged by Donald Trump, according to the Daily Star, external which also echoes calls for the president being urged to step down.
Switching to British politics and the polling day run in – Tory Cabinet Minister Kemi Badenoch speaks to the Times , externalwhere she fiercely criticises Reform candidates and goes on to say the Reform leader, Nigel Farage, is in politics for the "limelight".
The Daily Express leads, external with Rishi Sunak who says a racial slur against him by a Reform UK campaigner "hurts and it makes me angry".
Former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson makes what the Daily Mail calls, external his biggest intervention in the election campaign. He urges voters to support the Conservatives, writing, "it is by no means too late to tilt the steering wheel in the direction of common sense, avert Starmergeddon, and prevent the country from going in completely the wrong direction."
Finally, the Daily Mirror leads, external with Jay Slater's best friend who says he heard the missing teenager "slipping on rocks" in final phone conversation earlier this month.
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