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Sometimes you accidentally message or call people when your phone is in your bag or pocket. That is why Samsung devices have a feature called “Repeated Touches” where a blue circle follows and cancels your touch on the screen. Repeated touches is one of the accessibility features of the Samsung devices
This blue circle indicates where you are touching on the screen. If the blue circle also appears on your screen, it might be because an “Ignore Repeated Touches” feature has been turned on. Many Samsung users find this feature rather annoying than useful.
There is no need to get annoyed every time you use your phone because, fortunately, you can remove this feature anytime. You can disable this feature by following some simple steps.
The blue circle is a smart feature of Samsung devices that ignores repeated touches. This touchscreen feedback is set up to 0.1 seconds by default. But the tap duration can be increased by up to 4 seconds. 
When setting this feature to 4 seconds, your phone will only acknowledge one touch between those seconds. Even if you touch it multiple times on your screen, your phone will not perform the required actions. No matter how often you touch the screen between those 4 seconds, your phone will only perform the first touch.
This feature can be useful at times though. It blocks accidental touches and reduces the chances of accidental mistakes on your phone. It is also a good feature for people who make tutorial videos. 
Two colored circles appear one by one when the feature Ignore Repeated Touches is turned on which are blue and red. When you touch the screen and a blue circle appears, you can perform any action. And when you touch the screen, and a red dotted circle appears, it means that no action will be performed even if you touch anywhere on the screen.
If you set up the tap duration as 4 seconds, the blue circle will appear only once every 4 seconds. A red circle will appear for the rest of the time.
This feature might not be helpful at some urgent times. Imagine being unable to perform tasks for as long as 4 seconds when you’re in a hurry. At times like that, this feature will only create havoc and raise your anger.
Although this feature may have its benefits, not all the Samsung users like it. The appearance of a blue circle can be uncomfortable for some users when typing or scrolling. You can not perform fast typing when this feature is enabled.
But to our benefit, it is very easy to disable this feature from Samsung devices. Ignore Repeated Touches is an accessibility feature on your phone. If this feature is enabled, your phone will ignore the repeated touches for a certain duration. 
You can turn this feature off from the settings by following these steps.
The tap duration and cancellation of repeated touches will be removed.
The white circle that appears when you touch your screen is the same as the blue circle. The only difference is that the blue circle has a tap duration and also works as a pointer, but the white circle works as a pointer/cursor only. It does not have any tap duration.
If developer options is not enabled on your phone, you need to turn it on first.
Now, the white circle will not appear upon touching the screen.
The blue circle with a line through it means that you have rejected the person’s call or blocked them. You can remove this by removing the person from the blocked list.
The assistant menu is the small square icon with four smaller squares that appears on your screen. This is an accessibility feature for people with impaired hearing and reduced dexterity. You can turn off this setting inside interaction and dexterity.
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