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Several of Tuesday's papers lead on the news that almost 300,000 women at risk of breast cancer are to be offered a drug that trials have shown could help prevent the disease.
Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Amanda Pritchard, chief executive of NHS England, said it marked a "new era for cancer prevention". There's a similar sentiment from the National Clinical Director for Cancer, Professor Peter Johnson, who in a comment piece for the Daily Express calls the announcement "genuinely great news". The Times says the drug, Anastrozole, costs 4p a day and will save the NHS around £15 million in treatment costs.
The i says Tuesday's King's Speech setting out the government's agenda for the coming year will see the monarch "forced to announce a shredding of eco policy". The paper says the King, who has long campaigned on climate and environmental issues, will have to "hide his true feelings as he heralds a new era of oil and gas exploration". The Times says new legislation for driverless vehicles will clear the way for buses, grocery deliveries and farm machinery to operate autonomously by the end of the decade.
The Guardian leads on a warning from the United Nations about the overcrowding in shelters in Gaza. A UN official at a compound in the southern city of Khan Younis has told the paper there is one toilet for up to 800 people and no room to sleep. The official says that everyone is just "concentrating on survival".
A 78-year-old poppy seller who was caught up in a pro-Palestinian rally in Edinburgh has told the Daily Mail he was punched and kicked by protesters. Jim Henderson, who served with the Army in Northern Ireland, said he was set upon while manning a stall at Waverley station on Saturday.
The Financial Times says that accountancy firm PwC is planning to axe up to 600 jobs in the UK after the number of resignations dropped below average. Sources have told the paper that a voluntary redundancy programme will be launched, but roles will be cut on a compulsory basis if not enough people opt to leave.
The Sun claims the Duke and Duchess of Sussex travelled to a Katy Perry gig on a private plane owned by a Texas oil tycoon. The paper notes that the duke is the face of a sustainable travel initiative and says the couple have been branded "eco-hypocrites".
And several of the papers carry quotes from an interview with Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki, who plays the role of Diana, Princess of Wales, in final series of The Crown, the first episodes of which are set to be released next week. The Mail says the 33-year-old found the experience of filming the princess's final 24 hours "very demanding" and that she was reduced to tears while shooting the scenes surrounding her death. The Mirror quotes Debicki as saying she felt she was carrying "profound sadness" when shooting the scenes.
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