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When it comes to phones, there is no model family more iconic than the iPhone. The device has captured the zeitgeist, making it an instantly recognisable household name.
Still, it hasn’t always been plain sailing. While recent models like the iPhone 15 series are lauded for their spec sheets and performance, older models didn’t fair quite so well.
Many have claimed that Apple were using software updates to decrease the battery capacity. That was suggested as an explanation for why older handsets appeared to lose their battery health over time. Apple have said that such measures were only implemented to protect the components within the device.
However, that claim hasn’t done much for them in the USA, with lawsuits in California and Arizona both having been settled for hundreds of millions of dollars a piece. Now, a case is being brought about in the UK, with a claim being made for substantially more than the US settlements. According to Sky News, the total damage claim is being made for £1.6bn.
The affected devices include:
iPhone 6
iPhone 6S
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone SE
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
So, if you owned one of those devices, it’s definitely a story worth keeping an eye on. It’s too early to be looking at details of how to claim – the whole thing will have to go through the court proceedings first – but it’s a strong sign for users.
We’ll certainly be looking closely at how things progress, to bring further updates here in the future.


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