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The iPhone 15 series launch was the biggest launch of September. iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max are here in the Tech Today studio, so I got to spend some time with the two devices. So much has changed in these models, and a lot remains the same as well. Here is my take on the newly launched iPhones.
In terms of design, I think the Barbie inspired pink colour variant is very cool. I see a lot of people upgrading just for this particular colour. There are people saying that iPhone 15 looks exactly like the iPhone 14. But honestly, you need to hold it, to really feel the difference.  It’s a big change in terms of the rounded edges and the matte finish is a nice touch.
Busting Myths
The iPhone 15 Pro Max has one huge difference when it comes to the standard iPhone 15 models, and that is the build quality. The Pro models have a titanium build, which is lighter, more durable but is still a fingerprint magnet. 
While there have been several memes after an infamous “bend test” by a popular creator, I reckon that was an isolated incident with a particular piece. I’ve put the device through its paces and honestly, it seems absolutely fine. The reports pertaining to overheating crop up each year and I think Apple has put them to rest with a timely software update.
The Pros come with a customizable Action Button, which I’m using conventionally to switch to silent mode. But, you can do a bunch of things from the settings menu, for instance, you can use this button to turn on the flashlight or voice recorder. This feature is missing on the iPhone 15 model, as it still comes with the traditional mute button.
The EU Effect
All four models of the iPhone 15 series now come with a USB Type-C port, thanks to the new EU regulations. This is quite a relief for someone with multiple gadgets, especially when you need to travel. This saves time and money and removes one more impediment for Android users sitting on a fence mulling over whether they should bite the forbidden fruit.
You can now connect one iPhone to another via the Type C port and the device with lesser battery will start drawing charge from the device which has more juice left in it. This time around, you get braided USB-C charging cables in the box and of course, no adapter.
Click here to see the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera samples
Click here to see iPhone 15 camera samples
Never Lose Focus
In the camera department, iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, with very interesting camera features. But something that makes that camera so much better in these devices is the way that Apple has looked at their chipsets. Just like last year, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus come with two different chipsets i.e. A16 Bionic, and the Pro models come with the flagship A17 Pro chip. A17 Pro chip is a big deal for Apple (and for tech geeks) because this is now Apple’s first slice of silicon, which is built on a three nanometer process. What does that mean in common parlance? Well, the device will be mighty fast and in my humble opinion, overpowered too. The 15 Pro Max houses the A17 Pro chip along with a redesigned GPU. Well, let’s just say this one is for the gamers. The GPU has six cores instead of the five that came on older models. This translates to 20 per cent better speeds and far better video quality. It also comes with hardware-accelerated retracing.
In terms of camera, last year’s iPhone 14 models had a 12MP + 12MP rear camera setup. This time around, iPhone 15 models come with a 48 megapixel primary sensor. There are a bunch of upgrades in the portrait mode department as well.
The iPhone 15 Pro Max might seem like an incremental upgrade from the 14 Pro Max in theory. But, in practice, it’s a whole different story. For photography enthusiasts who are confused between the Pro and Pro Max this year, it makes to go for the latter which comes with all the bells and whistles this time around. The 5x telephoto lens is a gamechanger for video and portrait shots and now comes with a 120mm focal length equivalent.
Put the phone in action mode and zoom into an object with this lens and the result is magical. It’s something which you most certainly haven’t seen on a smartphone before. 
The Pro models also come with a new photonic engine, which means much better low light shots, better night photography and a lot more fuel to go all “Pro” with your new device, especially if you’re into photography. 
Continuous zoom is a feature I can get used to on the 15 Pro Max that means a stutter free zoom on videos even if the device is using different lenses as you zoom further. 
Never Judge A Book…
When it comes to iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max, I honestly think that there are a lot of upgrades from last year in their respective ways. As for the iPhone 15 and the 15 Plus, they now have dynamic Island, a better chipset and an improved primary camera sensor. They are also housed in a more user friendly exterior and are available in some nice colour options.
The iPhone 15 is definitely a worthy upgrade from the iPhone 11 or 12 and even from the iPhone 13, given some of last year’s Pro features have found their way into the new devices. 
That said, some users might be planning to shell out the big bucks and might be stuck in a dilemma between the Pro and Pro Max. In my opinion, while people like the pocket ability and the handling of a Pro model, the Pro Max with its new lens is the device worth saving up for. Its base variant comes with 256GB storage, a titanium build, and a new telephoto lens with 5X optical zoom capabilities which make it a device for “Pro” users. 

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