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Level up your iPhone 15 Pro with these iConic gaming accessories.
Mobile gaming has exploded in popularity in recent years, with even hardcore console and PC gamers admitting that gaming on your phone can be surprisingly enjoyable. However, tapping away on a bare iPhone screen doesn’t provide the most comfortable or responsive experience for competitive and action-oriented games.
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That’s where gaming accessories tailored for iOS devices come in. These devices bring console-quality controls, system cooling, and more, turning your mobile into a portable gaming powerhouse. Whether you’re a casual gamer looking for a smoother experience, or a competitive eSports participant seeking every advantage, these gaming accessories provide the edge you need.
Precision gaming. Anywhere, anytime.
Customizable hair triggers for ultra-responsive precision, ergonomic grip, tactile feedback, and a thoughtful design, these gaming triggers from Black Shark are the ultimate companion for all your FPS games.
Elevate your mobile shooter skills with these smartly designed gaming triggers from Black Shark. The customizable hair triggers on this unit attach securely to your iPhone, providing ultra-responsive inputs for greater precision. Thanks to the ergonomic contours and grippy texture, your fingers naturally rest in the ideal position for rapid screen taps.
Coming to the build quality, you can't help but notice that the tactile zinc alloy buttons offer satisfying clicks with minimal latency, easily outperforming the lag and ambiguity of touch controls. Clever details like notches to avoid accidental side button presses and rubber padding to protect your iPhone show that Black Shark has put a lot of thought into the design.
The really cool part? You can easily map the triggers to different spots on the screen for your preferred control scheme. Overall, these solidly built, configurable triggers make first-person mobile shooters much more immersive and accessible.
No lags, all games.
Level up your iPhone gaming with the Backbone One: Premium, ergonomic design, zero lag, and extra battery power. This device has it all!
The Backbone One controller lives up to its name by providing rock solid foundations for premium iPhone gaming. At first glance, you will notice that the slim, yet sturdy frame strikes an ideal balance between gaming portability and ergonomic comfort. The textured grips on this device keep it locked into your hands during intense play, while providing a premium look and feel to it.
The thumbsticks glide pretty smoothly along the axis, while the d-pad and face buttons deliver precise, tactile feedback ideal for lightning fast inputs. Additionally, connecting directly to the Lightning port eliminates any possible lag. This feature is something that is absolutely critical for playing competitive titles.
Though it was originally designed for iOS, Backbone One works great with console-style games beyond just PlayStation, thanks to its compatibility with remote gaming platforms.
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Apple-approved wireless
With features like seamless pairing, console-style controls, and 50+ hours of battery life for endless gaming on various devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac, the SteelSeries Nimbus+ truly outdoes itself.
Tired of wires tying you down? Cut loose with the nimble Nimbus+ controller. Officially certified by Apple, this wireless warrior pairs seamlessly with your iPhone for lag-free play. Its tried and true button layout comforts controller veterans while 50-hour battery life liberates you for days.
Nimbus+ wields essential extras like clickable joysticks, tactile shoulder triggers, and sweat-wicking grips. About the design, the aesthetics on this controller are not exactly all bells and whistles, since SteelSeries decided to go with functionality over form.
For gaming across Apple's kingdom untethered, Nimbus+ sends the competition packing with fanatical focus on seamless wireless freedom. While not radically different from a PS5 controller, it does provide a quality, compact solution for gaming. Just update the firmware out of the box for optimal compatibility, and you should be good to go.
Keepin' things chilly.
With a 20W TEC module and a seven-blade fan, the Black Shark FunCooler 3 Pro can help you run intensive 3D games at their peak performance thanks to the extra thermal headroom.
Overheating ruining your high score? Frost that meltdown with the all-new Black Shark FunCooler 3 Pro. This device comes with a potent 20W cooling engine, alongside a sprawling heat sink and 7-blade vortex fan. The unique combination of components here helps slashes temperatures by an Arctic 30 °C.
The 3 Pro’s intelligent design diverts heat away from your hands, banishing sweaty palms. You can also customize various parameters with Shark's mobile app, such as tweaking fan speed or setting a preferred temperature.
One of the coolest things about the FunCooler 3 Pro is that it also allows you to set your own RGB lighting, adding something to look forward to for the aesthetically-inclined.
Sure, attaching the device onto your phone does end up adding some bulk, but the weight is more than justified since it helps boost your frame rate. Wondering how that's possible? Well, by defending your iPhone against thermal throttling, this cooling system helps enhance peak gaming performance when things get hot.
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Never let go.
The SteelSeries SmartGrip comes with a brilliant adjustable stand design that securely holds your iPhone to create an ideal portable display for mobile gaming.
Gaming on your iPhone can end up being a bit obstructive to the display since most of the time, it's going to be covered with your fingers. Well, the SteelSeries SmartGrip holder is here to fix exactly that. This handy little contraption securely cradles your iPhone while allowing adjustment of both angle and height to optimize the viewing position. Texturized rubber pads help keep your phone firmly in place and prevent scratches during use.
Coming to the build quality, the lightweight yet sturdy aluminum build makes SmartGrip highly portable and durable for gaming on the go. An adjustable knob lets you find the perfect viewing angle, while the stable spring-loaded clamp keeps your iPhone locked in landscape orientation.
Audio quality redefined.
These 3rd Generation Apple AirPods provide an affordable wireless audio upgrade to your gameplay while using the iPhone.
You didn't think that we'd talk about iPhone accessories and not bring up the AirPods now, did you? For mobile gamers seeking high fidelity audio sans cables, the 3rd Generation earphones hit the wireless sweet spot. The contoured in-ear design with soft silicone tips provides noise isolation for fully engaging in your games. All your audio syncs up perfectly thanks to Apple's optimization for minimal latency.
The user interface is robust, with onboard touch controls allowing for easy volume or track adjustments without breaking focus. The pocket-sized charging case provides multiple full charges that can easily last a few extended gaming marathons.
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While slightly less advanced than the pricier AirPods Pro, the standard 3rd Gen AirPods deliver an excellent balance of rich sound quality, seamless iOS integration and portable convenience at a friendlier price point.
Yes, most of the graphic-heavy games out there often end up exerting a higher demand on your iPhone's processor and GPU, which in turn, drains the battery more rapidly. While there are a few accessories like controllers or cooling fans that provide integrated batteries to supplement your iPhone's own battery life, it is important that you consider the limitations of your mobile and not overdo it with the gaming.
The answer to this entirely depends on your priorities. Android provides more openness for downloading games from various sources beyond just the official Play store. On the other hand, iPhones generally offer smoother overall performance and integration with other Apple ecosystem devices. Both platforms have access to most of the same popular game titles. It all comes down to the OS that you're more comfortable with, as well as the budget that you have in mind.
Yep, dedicated iPhone gaming accessories can actually provide tangible benefits like more precise controls, active system cooling, adjustable stands for better viewing angles, and private audio. This gives a much more immersive and competitive gaming experience compared to just using the iPhone.
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