Newspaper headlines: Braverman's migration 'hurricane warning' and 'Beckham Netflix shock' –

Time for a look at Wednesday's papers – and they are dominated by the Conservative Party Conference.
The i says Rishi Sunak will "gamble his future on a major speech" later today, "in an attempt to revive Tory fortunes" ahead of the next election. According to the Guardian, the prime minister will declare that the UK's political system is "broken" as he "struggles to wrestle back control of the agenda".
The Financial Times reports the expected announcement on the scrapping of HS2, between Birmingham and Manchester, is a "big risk". But the Times says the PM will pledge to deliver "a brighter future". The Daily Telegraph writes Mr Sunak will "position himself as the change candidate", and seek to paint Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer as "the continuity choice for voters". A Conservative source tells the paper the speech will show how Mr Sunak "wants to change the way our political system works and end the 30-year-old political status quo".
But the Daily Mirror asks: "How many years have the Tories had to fix Britain?". Thirteen, it says.
Images of Home Secretary Suella Braverman at the Tory conference are splashed across many of the front pages, after a speech which the FT says "won an ovation from activists and condemnation from critics". According to the i, it was Ms Braverman's "hardline job application to become Tory leader". One minister quoted in the paper says they are concerned, and describes the comments as "an extension of the awful stuff" the Tory minister told a right-wing American think tank last week.
But in its leader column the Sun says the speech was "superb for its blunt honesty" – and the Daily Mail praises it as "the first properly spellbinding, dramatically assured speech seen at a conference for years".
Science Secretary Michelle Donelan tells the i she will implement an alert system to prevent artificial intelligence from "getting out of control". She says the UK needs to "grip the risk" and be "on the front foot" as the world faces what she calls "a monumental crossroads in human history". She says she will use an upcoming AI safety summit to ensure regulations are put in place to prevent "dangerous outcomes".
More than 1,000 swimming pools have closed in England since 2010, according to the Daily Express, which cites figures from the governing body for aquatics, Swim England. They show a further 1,500 pools are at risk of shutting. The paper says the growing financial pressures on councils, ageing pools and increased maintenance and energy costs are to blame.
The Mail reports that the King believes there is no "long-term chance" the Duke of York can continue living at Royal Lodge in Windsor. It says the pair "have been at loggerheads" over the King's demands that Prince Andrew moves out of the huge property. Sources tell the paper the duke is not "being realistic about his financial situation". Another insider says he is "not going without a fight" and that the row "will all probably end in tears". Buckingham Palace has not commented on the story.
And the Times features a list of the best places to retire in the UK, off the back of research conducted by the consumer research group, Which. It takes into account access to healthcare, green space, house prices and low crime rates. The list includes the Outer Hebrides, South Tyneside, Wrexham and Newcastle-under-Lyme.
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