Lebanon Daily News transitioning to mail delivery of print editions – Lebanon Daily News

Look for your newspaper in your mailbox, not your driveway. 
Starting Oct. 30, the U.S. Postal Service will deliver the Lebanon Daily News as part of an effort to improve delivery consistency and optimize resources amid ongoing labor challenges, fluctuating fuel prices, competition for workers from door-to-door delivery services and increasing digital demand. 
Leveraging the Postal Service will enable the Lebanon Daily News to deliver improved customer service while mitigating the challenges of inconsistent delivery some subscribers have experienced. The transition ensures print subscribers continue to enjoy timely deliveries, while benefiting from the Postal Service’s network and expertise.  
The round-the-clock online news cycle has made digital products the first choice for breaking-news readers, and print subscribers are increasingly engaging digitally. 
“We are committed to continuing the LDN’s long tradition of informing the community with engaging news and sports stories,” said Scott Fisher, central Pennsylvania regional news director for the USA TODAY Network. “Moving to U.S. Postal Service will assure reliable delivery to our readers.”
Gannett, which operates more than 200 daily local newspapers, has already successfully introduced the approach in multiple markets and now plans an expansion as digital subscriptions are surging.  
“The transition from carrier to Postal Service delivery will ensure we can provide a more consistent experience for our valued subscribers,” said Michael A. Anastasi, vice president of Local News for Gannett. “We also encourage readers to visit us regularly on our digital platforms, as well as to access our eNewspaper, a digital replica of the newspaper at ldnews.com/enewspaper.”
Subscribers will receive letters in the mail before the delivery change is implemented. The notifications will also include instructions on accessing digital products.  
Subscribers with questions or concerns should visit help.ldnews.com/contact-us


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