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The WHO  draft guidance is HERE.
IBFAN response
Baby Milk Action Digital 17.9
IBFAN  warmly welcomes this draft Guidance that contains many important safeguards and acknowledges the need to address a constantly evolving market with strong sections on cross-border marketing and exports.   The following are suggestions of how the Guidance could be further strengthened to help governments future-proof  national safeguards and prevent the Guidance endorsing harmful practices by default
The Guidelines:
Background and context
The purpose of this online, open, public consultation is to gather feedback from diverse stakeholders on the draft Guidance to Member States on regulatory measures aimed at restricting the digital marketing of breast-milk substitutes.
Download and review the draft guidance. Compose your responses to each section using your preferred word processor or text editing software and paste your responses into the online form.
Submissions cannot be made anonymously. You will be required to provide valid responses to questions that ask your full name, your organizational affiliation (if any), your role (job title), your country of residence, your personal email address OR your organizational email address (if submitting on behalf of an organization) in order to make a submission. Submissions that are not accompanied by valid responses to these questions may not be accepted for consideration.
All comments will be carefully reviewed and a summary will be presented to WHO’s Technical Advisory Group who for consideration. A full list of comments received will be published on the WHO website. (Personal email addresses will NOT be published.) WHO will prepare a summary report that describes themes raised in consultation submissions and decisions taken in response to these themes. Specific responses to individual comments will not be provided.
Comments on the Draft Guidance must be submitted by 11:59 on Sunday, 17th September 2023, Central European Time (GMT/UHC +1). The consultation will close at 00h00m on Monday 18th September 2023, Central European Time (GMT/UHC+1).
Please direct questions regarding this consultation by email to NFS@who.int, using the subject line: Digital Marketing BMS.
Put responses into the online form.
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