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Saturday's papers focus on a range of different stories – from HS2 to King Charles' visit to France.
The "next generation may be banned from smoking", says the front page of the Guardian, as part of plans apparently being considered by Rishi Sunak.
Whitehall sources say the prime minister is looking at measures brought in by New Zealand last year, which involve steadily increasing the legal smoking age so tobacco would never be sold to anyone born on or after 1 January 2009. A government spokesperson did not comment directly on the policy when asked – but did say ministers wanted to encourage more people to quit smoking.
The Sun reports on reaction to the idea from campaign groups, saying it has got the backing of the anti-smoking charity Ash. The smokers' group Forest has questioned whether the proposal would work, suggesting a crackdown would simply fuel black market sales.
Other papers focus on the government's alleged plan to scrap a leg of HS2. The Times reports that in addition to Boris Johnson criticising suggestions that the government could scale back the HS2 rail line, another former prime minister – David Cameron – has also privately raised concerns about the idea.
The i weekend reports that some MPs believe that Mr Sunak could use a fall in rail passengers due to more people working from home as a way to "justify" axing part of the line. Ministers have said they need to find a way of delivering infrastructure projects that don't cost taxpayers "billions and billions of pounds".
The front page of the Daily Telegraph highlights research into a new weight loss jab that suggests it is twice as effective as its rivals at helping some people to "shed the pounds".
The paper says a study of 18,000 found that those given the treatment tirzepatide, currently licensed for diabetes, lost almost a stone (6kg) more than those given Wegovy – which is currently used by the NHS – when it was administered for at least three months. Health Secretary Steve Barclay is quoted as saying these new weight loss drugs have "real potential to improve the lives of thousands of people living with obesity".
Britain has held diplomatic talks with Russia, since Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, reports the i weekend.
In an exclusive piece, the paper says meetings have taken place in locations such as New York and Vienna, and are said to have covered issues such as grain shortages and nuclear safety.
A spokesman for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office confirmed there had been meetings with Russian officials, but said only where it was "deemed absolutely necessary" – and denied claims that the talks were a bid to negotiate the end of the war.
And according to the Times, an amphitheatre created in a farmer's field that was intended to bring Shakespeare to the Cotswolds has been forced to shut after locals complained that the initial promise of a limited number of theatrical performances quickly morphed into a commercial venture dominated by tribute acts. Councillors have now said Berrybank Park must close.
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