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The Daily Mail says Vladimir Putin offered a "sickening tribute" to his rival when he said the Wagner boss had made serious mistakes. The Sun mocks up its front page to resemble a condolence card with the message "with deepest sympathy, so sorry I killed him". Speculation about what caused Yevgeny Prigozhin's plane to crash continues to feature strongly across the papers with many reporting that the Pentagon has ruled out a missile attack. The Times, citing a Russian media outlet, says an explosion near the landing gear caused the jet to break up before plunging 8,000 feet in half a minute.
Security sources tell the Daily Telegraph that Mr Putin has been emboldened by the apparent assassination. But the Financial Times points out that Mr Prigozhin was popular with some in Russia because of his straight-talking critiques of army leaders. The paper quotes one supporter saying that he will be "the best, even in hell". The Times says security forces in two regions of Russia have been put on alert, after some of the warlord's followers vowed revenge.
The Washington Post describes Donald Trump's formal arrest at a jail in Georgia as an "unprecedented moment" resulting in the first ever mugshot of a former president. According to the New York Times, Mr Trump's expression is "serious and scowling, with his brows furrowed". Many of the papers highlight comments made in an interview with a right-leaning media outlet afterwards, in which Trump says having his mugshot taken was "not a comfortable feeling, especially if you've done nothing wrong".
The Daily Express leads on Rishi Sunak's reaction to the latest asylum figures, which show the backlog of claims is the biggest since records began. The prime minister is quoted saying the £4bn annual bill for the system is "unacceptable". But the Times points out that there is not much more that Sunak can do with his big-ticket Rwanda policy bogged down in legal claims, and small boats continuing to cross the Channel. The paper says this proves the difficulty in boiling down complex problems to slogans.
The Daily Mirror leads on the search in Pakistan for the father, step-mother and uncle of Sara Sharif – the 10-year-old girl whose body was found at a house in Woking two weeks ago. A regional police chief tells the paper they are close to locating the three, adding that it is a painful matter "for all of us". The paper also cites reports saying police in Surrey found a note at the girl's home, naming her alleged attacker and saying she died by beating.
Both the Daily Star and the Sun report on a charity shop painting so spooky that it keeps being returned by its buyers. The portrait of a child with what the Sun describes as a stern face and a piercing stare has been taken back twice by customers said by the owner of the shop, in St Leonards on Sea, to have been "shaken and distressed". But there is renewed interest after the work went viral, prompting a flood of inquiries from horror fans.
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