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Posted: 21 August 2023 | Intelligent Transport | No comments yet
Built on nine key drivers, the Dubai Taxi Corporation’s strategic plan for digital transformation will work to accomplish a host of goals relating to operational excellence and an improved passenger experience.
Credit: Roads and Transport Authority
Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), a subsidiary of the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has launched its strategic plan for digital transformation for 2022 to 2025. This strategy seeks to accomplish a host of strategic goals highlighted by digital mobility, excellent operation, financial sustainability, people’s happiness and shaping the future.
The strategy is built on nine key drivers, namely: artificial intelligence (AI); smart revenues; the Internet of Things (IoT); smart city; Big Data; governance; security systems & upgraded systems; process automation & paperless initiatives; future transformation; and smart services.
The nine key drivers of DTC’s digital transformation strategy encompass 45 initiatives that include artificial intelligence.
These initiatives include:
The AI driver also includes an initiative to develop a Customer Voice Recognition System to verify the customer’s identity and use Augmented Reality (AR) to improve the customer experience and promote DTC’s services.
It also includes the installation of on-board sensors and linking them to the internal systems to receive notifications before the occurrence of malfunctions, studying the set-up of an integrated system for registering companies supplying foreign workers on the supply platform, and strengthening communication with companies toward improving DTC’s performance in attracting and appointing drivers.
The smart revenue aspect includes the development of points of interest on the DTC app that provides business highlights, a school bus trip tracking system that allows parents to track trips, simplifying and automating administrative procedures, and the ability to pay through the portal. The Internet of Things focuses on developing a system for automating procedures and processes using artificial intelligence.
The smart city concept is concerned with DTC’s e-service integration with the service sites and providing them to external customers.
The focus on Big Data includes a smart scale for rating drivers’ performance by clients using the DTC app. It also includes restructuring data in DTC’s data centres to assist in the integration and analysis of data to support decision-making and foresee the future. It also brings all services under DTC’s single platform, which facilitates the customer’s accessibility to DTC’s services, and another system that links DTC’s external and internal systems (Integration layer – API connector) through secure channels to streamline the linking of new systems with existing systems.
This initiative focuses on protecting DTC’s database and monitoring systems to prevent disruptions caused by server downtime.
This aspect is centred around initiatives that cater to the employees, such as introducing an attendance management system, collaborating with the Dubai Government’s digital recruitment platform (recruitment and onboarding), and automating a smart educational system tailored for a smart driver learning system (LMS). It also includes the paperless initiative aimed to minimise and automate DTC’s paper process transactions and develop a plan to cut down on the use of paper transactions and carbon emissions. 
The future transformation focuses on building a system to manage passenger movement for obtaining taxi and limousine services at Dubai airports; developing a Drivers Airport Queuing System for taxis and limousines at Dubai airports; and studying constructing a virtual control centre that enables control centre staff access to the systems from any location.
The strategy includes the smart services concerned with the integration of customer relation management system, and developing and automating additional services for drivers, employees and suppliers. 
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Artificial Intelligence, Fleet Management & Maintenance, IoT (Internet of Things), Passenger Experience
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United Arab Emirates
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Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC)
By Intelligent Transport
21 August 2023
No comments yet
Artificial Intelligence, Fleet Management & Maintenance, IoT (Internet of Things), Passenger Experience
United Arab Emirates
Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC)
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