Newspaper headlines: 'AI told me to kill Queen' and '7% rates forecast' –

The front page of the Times says a future Labour government would put speaking fluently and clearly at the heart of the national curriculum – giving it the same status as literacy and numeracy. The paper says similar lessons are routinely taught in private schools, and – in an article for the paper – Labour's leader Sir Keir Starmer writes of his concern that state school pupils are being left behind.
He's also written for the Sun, saying his battle is against the "naysayers and defeatists". The Daily Telegraph says colleges have welcomed his commitment to ending the focus on university degrees, but say vocational education needs more funding.
The Financial Times reports that the Treasury has paid its highest borrowing cost this century, 5.6%, on £4bn in government debt. The paper quotes one economist who says the Bank of England may eventually put up rates to 7%.
Coverage of the presentation of Scotland's crown jewels to the King and Queen in Edinburgh is prominently featured in many of the newspapers. The Daily Express praised the service, which it said "melded ancient and modern", while the Daily Mail called the republican protest at the event "neither a surprise nor a distraction". The Herald contrasted the event with the Coronation, calling it "more informal, more Scottish".
The Guardian reports that lung cancer diagnoses are set to be higher in women than men this year for the first time. Cancer experts put the difference down to the fact that smoking rates peaked earlier in men than women.
The Daily Express takes aim at the House of Lords, after peers backed a series of amendments to the government's Illegal Migration Bill. Its main headline warns that the Lords "must not defy the will of the people".
The Daily Telegraph claims President Biden made Ursula von der Leyen his choice for Nato's next secretary-general after Britain announced plans to train Ukrainian pilots on US-made F-16 jets without discussing it with the White House first. The Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, had been a front-runner to succeed Jens Stoltenberg until then, the paper reports. It says Joe Biden was so angered by the development, it "ended any remaining hope" for Wallace.
The Daily Mail has a hint for families looking to save money when booking a trip to Center Parcs during the school holidays – book one abroad. It runs research from Which? that shows it costs hundreds of pounds less to have a break at the company's French or Belgian sites, compared with staying in the UK in peak periods. Center Parcs said its European operation was entirely separate.
"Out of line" reads the headline in the Sun, which tells the story of James Dee, a bus driver in South London. He returned to his car, following his eight hour shift, to find it parked facing in the opposite direction to how he left it – with a parking ticket on the windscreen. After getting CCTV footage from a local business, he saw the local council had lifted his car on to a lorry so they could paint the new lines, before putting it down again. A traffic warden arrived 40 minutes later to note his violation. He is appealing against the fine.
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